Ongoing Older Adults Fitness Leader (Active Aging Instructor) Online Course Melanie Galloway


Ongoing Older Adults Fitness Leader (Active Aging Instructor) Online Course Melanie Galloway
Thursday November 1 2018, 00:00 h - Tuesday December 31 2019, 00:00 h
CFES Fitness Instructor + Personal Trainer Re-certification CEC Workshops


Older Adults Instructor Online Course

Equivalency to CFES Active Aging Instructor Course

for fitness instructors wishing to work with older adults

Course Conductor
: Melanie Galloway, B.Sc., A.C.E. Certified Medical Exercise Specialist

This NEW Course can be started at any time and uses the same textbook as in the classroom course and offers 16 CECs and additional CFES certification designation and includes:
 All required reading material
 Practical exercises and activities to enhance and stimulate learning
 Preparation for the exam and skills assessment

Course Content:
 Overview of Aging and Physical Activity
 Psychological, Sociological and Physiological aspects of activity for Older Adults
 Screening, Assessment and Goal Setting
 Program Design and Management for Older Adults With Stable Medical Conditions
 Teaching and Leadership Skills
 Communication and Marketing Guidelines
 Client Safety and First Aid
 Ethics and Professional Conduct

PREREQUISITES: CFES certified Fitness Instructor in any designation or CFES Personal Trainer certification.

CREDITS: This course is recognized for 16 Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Candidates completing course exam and skills assessment and CFES certification application also receive CFES Active Aging Instructor certification designation.

Dates: Ongoing. This course is done at your convenience. The recommendation is to complete it within 90 days.
Computer. You can receive all the notes and lecture material for each section by email or on a usb.
$225.00 (includes GST)*

Expectations: There are 8 sections with a quiz after each section and 3 assignments to complete. CFES Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers must complete an exam & instructor skills assessment for certification designation.

For more information contact Melanie directly by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: GrowingStrong Training





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