Ongoing Older Adults Fitness Leader (Active Aging Instructor) Online Course Dr. Bill Luke


Ongoing Older Adults Fitness Leader (Active Aging Instructor) Online Course Dr. Bill Luke
Thursday November 1 2018, 00:00 h - Tuesday December 31 2019, 00:00 h
CFES Fitness Instructor + Personal Trainer Re-certification CEC Workshops


Older Adults Fitness Leader Home Study/Online Course

Equivalency to CFES Active Aging Instructor Course


This Home Study/Online Course will look at the special factors which influence 3rd age physical fitness and health. This course prepares  fitness leaders for successful expansion of their fitness business to include older adults.

Content: Anatomical, physiological, emotional, social , nutritional, program design, exercise modifications, health impact on activity and  much, much more. The workbook  and quizzes must be completed and returned for assessment.


A 80% mark on all quizzes and workbook must be attained in addition to successfully passing the CFES examination and Active Aging Instructor Skills Assessment for certification.  This course is approved for 16 CEC's for CFES instructor and personal trainer re-certification.

PREREQUISITES: CFES certified Fitness Instructor in any designation or CFES Personal Trainer certification.

Course Conductor: Dr. Bill Luke

Dates: Ongoing. This course is done at your convenience. The recommendation is to complete it within 90 days.
Computer. You can receive all the notes and lecture material for each section by email or on a usb.
$229.00 (This fee includes workbook, quizzes & exercise modification assignment.)*

Registration: online at
EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 604-785-7621




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