Ongoing Aging Actively Instructor (Active Aging Instructor) Online Course Brenda Adams


Ongoing Aging Actively Instructor (Active Aging Instructor) Online Course Brenda Adams
Thursday November 1 2018, 00:00 h - Tuesday December 31 2019, 00:00 h
CFES Fitness Instructor + Personal Trainer Re-certification CEC Workshops


Aging Actively Instructor Online Course

Equivalency to CFES Active Aging Instructor Course

This course is for fitness professionals who are already certified/registered in Group/Pilates/Aquatic/Yoga Fitness, Weight Training or Personal Training. This course will prepare you to work with the older adult population in all of those settings.

Course Conductor
: Brenda Adams, M.Ed., B.Sc. (kinesiology), CPCC

PREREQUISITES: CFES certified Fitness Instructor in any designation or CFES Personal Trainer certification.

CREDITS: This course is recognized for 16 Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Candidates completing course exam and skills assessment and CFES certification application also receive CFES Active Aging Instructor certification designation.

Dates: Ongoing. This course is done at your convenience.

While this is an online course you will have the ability to tailor how you apply what you learn to the specific areas where you teach/train. No generic, cookie cutter course here my friends!

Individual Attention — We use a combination of an online platform with individual video conferencing so there is truly a personal experience.

Industry Leading Content — We use the ACE Senior Fitness Manual in this course (you will need to purchase this directly from ACE - don't worry we will give you the link - $59.99 USD). We went this route instead of writing our own manual as we wanted to ensure that the manual was always up to date with the latest research and best practices. Who better to do that than an international organization with an entire academic team behind them?

The other amazing part? You can choose to purchase an old school paper manual or an e-book. We do everything we can to provide options for all learning styles.

For more information contact Brenda directly by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Phone: 778-822-6224

Website: Older Adults Instructor Course Brenda Adams




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