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Human Kinetics Online CEC Workshops
Sunday October 30 2016 - Wednesday December 27 2017
CFES Fitness Instructor + Personal Trainer Re-certification Workshops


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Online CEC Courses and Workshops

We’re pleased to announce Canadian Fitness Education Services has entered into a partnership with Human Kinetics Publishers to offer a variety of new online education courses and workshops CFES Instructors and Personal Trainers can take to earn your CECs.


Please ensure that when adding the Human Kinetics course or workshop to your cart that you select the option “Choose certifying organization” and click Canadian Fitness Education Services to track the order.


The Human Kinetics courses and workshops are recognized for differing numbers of CECs toward Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer re-certification. If you find particular workshops you would like to register for and are unsure if they would qualify for CECs, just drop us an email with more about the workshop, or give us a call and we will review and advise.


To find more great workshops scroll down the page. You can click on the hotlinks to learn more and enroll in these CEC approved workshops.

New Workshops:

Practical Guide to Exercise Physiology Online CE Course is approved for six (6) CECs for CFES Aquafit, Group Fitness and Weight Training instructors and Personal Trainers

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Strength Ball Training Online CE Course by Lorne Goldenberg and Peter Twist is approved for eight (8) CECs for CFES Aquafit, Group Fitness and Weight Training instructors and Personal Trainers

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Developing Speed Online CE Course by NCSA, Edited by Ian Jeffreys, is approved for seven (7) CECs for CFES Aquafit, Group Fitness and Weight Training instructors and Personal Trainers

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Fitness Cycling Online CE Course, by Shannon Sovndal, MD, is approved for ten (10) CECs for CFES Aquafit, Group Fitness and Weight Training instructors and Personal Trainers

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Postural Assessment Online CE Course, by Johnson is approved for 5 CECs for CFES Personal Trainers ONLY
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Bodybuilding Anatomy Online CE Course by Nick Evans, BSc, MD, FRCS (Orth) approved for 3 CECs for CFES Aquafit, Group Fitness, Weight Training instructors and Personal Trainers 

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Enhancing Children's Cognition with Physical Activity Games Online CE Course approved for 6 CECs for CFES Aquafit, Group Fitness, Weight Training instructors and Personal Trainers 

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Strength Training Past 50

Strength training offers many benefits for active adults, including enhanced athletic performance; reduced risk of disease; and decreased symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Whether you are just getting started or have been training older adults for years, the Strength Training Past 50, Third Edition continuing education course, provides access to in-depth coverage in training the 50-plus population and includes these features:

  • 83 exercises for free weights, machines, bands, and balls
  • 30 workouts for increasing size, endurance, and strength
  • Sport-specific programs for tennis, golf, cycling, running, and more
  • Eating plans and nutrition advice for adding lean muscle and losing fat

This continuing education course will help you safely train clients who want to stay active, healthy, and looking great.
The study guide contains a course syllabus, chapter activities, and end-of-chapter learning activities to prepare you for the 50-question continuing education exam at the conclusion of the course.

8 CFES CECs: To find out more click here.



Maximum Interval Training

Performance-based high-intensity training programs like P90X and Insanity have exploded in popularity over the past few years, and the Maximum Interval Training continuing education course builds on that concept—intense exercise periods combined with brief bouts of recovery—with a range of training modalities to deliver a more effective muscle-building program. 

For each of the 147 exercises presented in the text Maximum Interval Training, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, expert advice, and photo depictions. These exercises keep the body guessing while working every muscle to the max, which will help your clients blast through training plateaus. But rest assured that it won’t be more of the same. You’ll test your clients’ limits with a regimen of sprints, medicine balls, heavy ropes, kettlebells, sandbags, body-weight exercises, and suspension training. 10 CFES CECs: To find out more click here.

High-Intensity Training for Women

The High-Intensity Training for Women CE Course is one of few continuing education courses that houses a collection of science-based HIIT protocols in one place and addresses the training needs and goals of women who want results and progressively more challenging workouts. You will learn how and why HIIT works, how to set up a HIIT workout, and the rationale behind recommended ratios of rest and recovery. Dozens of exercises and 19 complete workouts provide an exercise experience that incinerates fat, shapes and strengthens the lower and upper body, and builds core strength. Variations for exercises as well as ways to incorporate tools and toys such as kettlebells, resistance bands, sliding discs, and trampoline ensure that your clients will benefit from customized workouts that address their needs and help them reach their fitness goals. 6 CFES CECs: To find out more click here.


Functional Training

This course will help you to understand the art and science of functional training in order to develop many types of resistance training programs using functional training for fitness and sport. Written by a renowned strength and conditioning coach, the Functional Training book features highly effective exercises for increasing strength, power, and performance. The book includes step-by-step instructions, common errors and corrections, and safety considerations; it also presents many exercises and training programs for athletes in a variety of sports as well as for those interested in improving overall fitness.

10 CFES CECs: To find our more click here.



To find our more click here.

Conditioning Young Athletes

This course accompanies the text of the same name, which helps coaches, instructors, and parents understand the science and practical applications of training young athletes for sports and overall fitness. Written by renowned international sport conditioning authority Tudor Bompa, PhD, and fitness expert Michael Carrera, Conditioning Young Athletes is a comprehensive resource covering training and conditioning for youth sport participants. The text features numerous exercises and training plans to increase young athletes’ coordination, flexibility, speed, strength, and endurance. It contains guidelines for building training programs for participants with varying goals, needs, and stages of development. It also includes nutrition recommendations for young athletes as well as information that dispels some of the prevalent myths regarding youth sport training. Conditioning Young Athletes provides the physiological explanations, exercises, and sample programs beneficial to young athletes’ development. The practical information in the book is supported by special features:

• 182 exercises appropriate for children ages 6 to 18 in photos with detailed instructions

• Long-term training plans for 11 sports

Low Back Disorders

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Discuss some of the debatable issues regarding low back pain and its treatment.
  • Explain the risk factors associated with low back disorders.
  • Understand the normal and injury mechanics of the lumbar spine.
  • Identify important functional anatomy of the lumbar spine and its relation to injury mechanics.
  • Educate clients in prevention strategies to reduce the risk of low back injury.
  • Understand the importance of scientifically based decision making in the evaluation and treatment of low back disorders.
  • Develop an exercise program that includes safe lumbar stabilization exercises and be able to modify and progress the exercises.


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Stretching Anatomy

See inside every stretch as you increase flexibility and improve muscular strength. Expanded, enhanced, and updated, the best-selling Stretching Anatomy returns to show you how to increase range of motion, supplement training, enhance recovery, and maximize efficiency of movement. You’ll also gain a detailed understanding of how each stretch affects your body. Stretching Anatomy, Second Edition, is like having an X-ray of each stretch, only better. Not only do you see full-color illustrations of the muscles in action, but you also see how a change in position can alter the muscle emphasis and difficulty and how variations can improve safety and effectiveness. A new Stretch Focus section details the procedure and benefits of every exercise as well as safety considerations and variations according to skill level. Each exercise describes how to stretch, when to stretch, primary and secondary muscle emphasis, and which muscles are activated for support. Stretching programs provide three levels of difficulty, including light stretching that can be used to aid in recovery from soreness and injury. A new chapter on dynamic stretches covers the most effective exercises for athletic warm-ups, while another chapter shows you how to customize a program based on your individual needs, including a program of passive static stretches proven to help lower blood glucose. Whether you seek increased flexibility, better athletic performance, or reduced muscle soreness and tension, Stretching Anatomy is your visual guide to proper stretching technique.


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3.5 CFES CECs.

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Running  Anatomy

Running Anatomy will show you how to improve your performance by increasing muscular strength, optimizing the efficiency of your running motion, and minimizing your risk for injury. Running Anatomy features 50 of the most effective strength exercises for runners, each with clear, step-by-step descriptions and full-color anatomical illustrations highlighting the muscles in action. But you’ll find much more than exercises—you’ll also see their results.
Running Anatomy places you in the action, fundamentally linking each exercise to running performance. You’ll see how to strengthen muscles, reduce injury, and improve gait efficiency for faster times and more fluid runs.

Caffeine for Sports Performance

Many adults worldwide consume caffeine; it has become an important social activity and dietary habit. This course provides you with answers to your questions regarding caffeine use and its impact on sports performance. Key discussions in this course explain the way caffeine acts on the body, where caffeine is found in the general food supply and in specialized products, how caffeine affects sports performance, safety and legal issues regarding caffeine in the sports arena, and how to optimally benefit from the use of caffeine for enhanced performance.


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 Also approved for CFES Instructor and Personal Trainer re-certification CECs:

Balance Training: 18 CECs;

Conditioning to the Core: 18 CECs;

Essentials of Eccentric Training: 19 CECs;

FitPlay for Kids: 6 CECs;

Kettleball Training: 17 CECs;

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching: 6 CECs;

Sit and Be Fit: 13 CECs;

Strength Training for Fat Loss: 13 CECs;

The Overweight Client: 4 CECs;

Core Assessment and Training: 5 CECs.

Human Kinetics CECs

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