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CFES specialized fitness leadership program modules are designed to take students through the steps in Aquatic Fitness, Group Fitness and/or Weight Training Instructor and Personal Trainer Canadian national certification.

CFES Aquafit, Group Fitness and/or Weight Training Instructor National Certification Requirements

Each candidate is to successfully complete (80%+) on the following program steps, or present an equivalent*:

1. CFES Fitness Knowledge Classroom or Home Study Course (30+ hours)*;

2.  Instructor Classroom Course (24+ hours)*;

3. Practicum or Mentorship Program (12-20 hours)*;

4. National Instructor Exam (one hour, closed book, supervised, fee)*;

5. National Instructor Skills Assessment (ISA) (one on one, video or Skype; fee)*;

6. Maintain current CPR-A minimum and Emergency or Standard First Aid Certifications;

7. Maintain annual liability insurance (if required);

8. Submit to CFES: CFES Certification Application Form, all certification or cross-transfer collateral documents and certification fee;

9. Receive CFES Instructor Certification (electronic).

(* or equivalencies)


CFES Aquafit, Group Fitness or Weight Training Instructor certification fees+:

Pass CFES instructor course, practicum program, national closed book exam, and instructor skills assessment requirements and submit Certification Application Form and collateral documents

$120.00 (national exam and first year certification fee) + $6.00 (GST) = $126.00 Total

+Prices subject to change.

+additional skills assessment fees paid to Educator/Skills Assessment Evaluator

For more information about the Aquafit Instructor Course, Group Fitness Instructor Course or Weight Training Instructor Course click here.

Note: Practicum Program Alternative Choices for Instructor: Students unable to attend a practicum program are required to work with a CFES Leadership Mentor (LM) in their community at a facility offering this service. When there is no CFES LM in your community, discuss and agree with your educator how you will meet CFES certification standard for this practicum experience.

When your skills and confidence to be employable are apparent it is time to book your CFES Instructor Skills Assessment with a CFES Educator or Skills Assessment Evaluator [SAE] in your region.

Fitness Instructor cross-transfer certification:

CFES examines cross-transfer fitness instructor certifications on a case by case basis based on competency and credentials. To complete cross-transfer certification for candidates with current fitness instructor or personal trainer credentials, you can find the cross-transfer forms package for your designation(s) [i.e. Group Fitness Instructor, Aquafit Instructor, Weight Training Instructor] by clicking the hotlink to our web site's Applications and Transfer Forms web page to download. If you are unsure of your equivalency contact the CFES office to discuss.

Please fill in your designation application forms(s) and return either via scanned attachments to an email, fax, or send via snail mail, along with other document proofs as per the application(s). The cross-transfer certification  fee is $70.00 + $3.50 GST = $73.50. 

To cross-transfer certify in more than one designation, please fill in the following forms info:
• Section 1 and Section 4 only on ONE Certification and Cross Transfer Application Form  package ( i.e. Item C. CFES Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) Certification + Cross-transfer Application forms package PDF file);
• Fill out Section 1 and read, agree to, and sign Section 3. The Professional Code of Honour for EACH leadership designation you are certifying in.


Annual CFES National Fitness Instructor Re-Certification Requirements

1. Attend eight (8) hours CFES recognized workshops, seminars or conferences (class or online)*;

2. Submit twelve (12) verified group fitness, aquatic fitness, or weight training instructional client hours*;

3. Maintain CPR; First Aid and annual liability insurance (if required);

4. Submit to CFES: Re-certification Application form, collateral documents and re-certification fee.

5. Receive CFES Instructor Re-Certification for each qualified designation.

Annual CFES Instructor re-certification fee

Annual re-certification fee: $70.00 + $3.50 (GST) = $73.50

Two year re-certification option now available. Double up your re-cert hours and instructional hours and re-certify for two years: $140.00 + $7.00 (GST) = $147.00

*Prices subject to change.

For career advancement as a CFES national Skills Assessment Evaluator, Leadership Mentor or Educator visit the Educators web page.

Provincial and National Recognitions:

CFES Fitness Leadership Program modules are designed to take students through the steps in the CFES Canadian national aquatic fitness instructor, group fitness instructor, weight training instructor and personal trainer certification.

The CFES Fitness Knowledge Course (home study or classroom based) is the prerequisite anatomy/physiology first module for fitness instructor and personal trainer certification. The 27+ hour course covers: an active living chapter; the skeletal system; muscular system; muscle structure and function; the principles of human movement; training principles and program planning; muscular strength and endurance; flexibility; cardiorespiratory fitness; nutrition and body weight management; and a chapter on exercise safety.

The home study version of the Fitness Knowledge Course is a combination of traditional home study and online elearning -- allowing you to work at your own pace and includes: the hardcopy resource manual and student program work booklet; online supplemental courseware e-learning tools; both toll free phone and email tutor service; and marking of the end-of-course open book exam. Unless you wish to also register with a provincial body you do not need to write their fitness theory exam.

Full-fledged CFES instructor courses are 24+ hours of classroom theory and on-the-floor/in-the-water practical training with end of course open book completion exams; followed by a 12-20 hour practicum; a one-hour closed book proctored certification exam; and a 90 minute instructor skills assessment. Passing grade is 80%. Instructors are expected to maintain CPR + First Aid tickets and obtain liability insurance (if necessary).

Candidates wanting Personal Trainer certification must first successfully complete the Weight Training Instructor certification and then progress to the Personal Trainer course. The PT course is 40+ hours of classroom and practical teaching, and also includes a course completion open book exam; followed by a 20-hour practicum, closed book proctored certification exam and skills assessment. Passing grade is 80%. PTs are expected to maintain CPR + First Aid tickets and obtain liability insurance.

As well as providing national certification CFES is an IDEA Fitness Connect Certification Verification Partner. CFES resources are also recognized by a variety of specialized fitness leadership agencies, including: the Canadian Aquatics Leaders Alliance (CALA); the Canadian Personal Trainers Network (CPTN), repsCanada & Canfitpro (GFI + PT = PT/FIS equivalency) and National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA), which includes the BCRPA Fitness Branch; Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association; Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Fitness Division; Manitoba Fitness Council; Ontario Fitness Council; Fitness New Brunswick; Island Fitness Council and the Nova Scotia Fitness Association. For further info how to complete with any of the above agencies contact them directly.

The CFES Fitness Knowledge Course is approved by the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan for credits for Continuing Education/Professional Development. Our programs are also integrated within college continued education and health and fitness diploma programs in Canada; and as an addendum to university health and exercise sciences programs for job-ready graduation credentialing.

CFES resources are also recognized by the BC Ministry of Education and Alberta Education and utilized in individual Ontario Board Authorized high school physical education credit courses grades 9 to 12 students. The CFES Fitness Knowledge Course is listed in both the BC Min. of  Ed's Integrated Resource Package and highlighted in their Grade Collection for meeting the most learning outcomes for PE 10/12 students and on Education Alberta's Learning Centre.






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