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Welcome to the CFES Re-certification, Cross-transfer and Continuing Education Credits (CEC) Workshop Presenters applications forms download centre. All forms are fillable Adobe PDF files. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download this too. Click here for Adobe Reader.


You will find all the forms necessary to complete re-certification and/or cross-transfer in your fitness leadership designation(s) alphabetized (descendant or ascendant ordering) as individual packages of documents below.  Workshop presenters wishing to offer continuing ed credit (CEC) workshops can also download Item A. CFES Workshops Presenter Application Form, and complete and submit for review and approval.


Application Form Directions:

To complete re-certification or cross-transfer for candidates with current fitness instructor or personal trainer credentials, you can find the application forms package for your designation(s) below [e.g. Aquafit Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Weight Training Instructor,  Personal Trainer and/or Skills Assessment Evaluator. Click the blue DOWNLOAD button to download each application forms package.


Please fill in your designation application forms and return either via scanned attachments to an email, fax, or send via snail mail, along with other document proofs as per the application(s). The annual re-certification or cross-transfer certification fee is $70.00 + $3.50 GST = $73.50; or $140.00 + $7.00 (GST) for a two-year re-certification (all designations included in one fee*).  

Lapsed certification policies:
To complete renewal certification for candidates currently working as fitness instructors or personal trainers, with reasonably current credentials (up to one year lapse), they must submit the CFES re-certification application forms package for each designation applying for; have their employer provide a letter on corporate letterhead confirming at least 12 verified group/client instructional hours per designation; provide verification of eight hours of recognized renewal continuing education credits for the current year;  and other document proofs as per the application(s).

In the case of candidates who have let their credentials lapse longer, and depending where/when they acquired their Instructor/PT status, they are handled on a case by case basis by a CFES Educator or Skills Assessment Evaluator (SAE) and/or CFES admin. At minimum the candidate is required to write the module national exam and do the skills assessment, along with submitting the above mentioned renewal requirements. If necessary candidates can also expect to do practicum time, or, in cases, retake their instructor or personal trainer course module. Ultimately, if the skills assessor does not deem the candidate employable they work together to find solid and satisfactory solutions.

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Cross-transfer Certification:
CFES examines fitness instructor and personal trainer cross-transfer certifications on a case by case basis based on competency and credentials. If you are unsure of your equivalency contact the CFES office to discuss.To complete cross-transfer certification for candidates with current fitness instructor or personal trainer credentials, you can download Item B. CFES Certification Cross-transfer Application Forms Package below.

* To re-certify in more than one designation, please fill in submit forms for each leadership designation you are certifying in. There is only one fee for all designations but protocol requires full certification application document completions.

To find out more about certification please visit the appropriate web pages on our site. If you have any questions feel free to email or call us.  


pdf f. Skills Assessment Evaluator (SAE) Certification Package Popular

Download (pdf, 357 KB)

CFES SAE Certificaion + Re-Cert Application Pkg.pdf

pdf h. Educator Certification/Re-certification Package Popular

Download (pdf, 362 KB)

CFES Educator Certification:Re-cert Application Pkg.pdf

pdf o. CFES Active Aging Instructor Re Certification Application Pkg Popular

Download (pdf, 303 KB)

CFES Active Aging Instructor Re-Certification Application Pkg.pdf


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