Margaret Hewitt-Zaitlin, BA/BPE, Executive Director

Margaret’s (Maggie) leadership experiences began in Ontario – working as camp counsellor, Red Cross Swimming Instructor, Royal Lifesaving Lifeguard and youth leader for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (who provided a university scholarship, instructional employment and an opportunity to write a national program resource).  

In 1976 Margaret moved to the West Coast and has enjoyed a variety of work experiences including: Program Director, Burnaby Boys and Girls Clubs; Aquatics/Sports Director, Vancouver YWCA; Educator, Capilano College Fitness Leadership Program; Director, Holiday Inn Health Club; and Recreation Director, Vancouver Jewish Community Centre. In 1983 she founded the Total Training Centre Ltd (TTC) and in 1993 changed the company’s name to Canadian Fitness Education Services Ltd. (CFES).

Margaret is one of Canada's pioneer leaders. Her initiatives and accomplishments include: originator of national Waterfit and Adult Learn to Swim Instructor certification (1979-1983); founding member of BCRPA Fitness Branch Board of Directors and member of numerous committees establishing the current provincial Fitness Leadership Registration program (1980-1990); member of the Aetna Canada Swimfit national committee; and originator/program director of fourteen fitness, nutrition and waterfit conferences between 1980 and 1990 -- drawing 5500+ professionals. 

From 1985 to date Margaret has initiated, written, hired authors, published, taught and distributed her original and specialized fitness leadership modular courses in fitness knowledge (originator of the Fitness Knowledge home study program recognized by the BCRPA in 1989); waterfit; two levels of weight training; group fitness and seniors instructor courses and educator certification courses across Canada.

In 1987 Margaret introduced her vision of a comprehensive fitness leadership organization that would unite fitness participants and professionals into a “family” network that nurtures, educates and inspires positive results for all involved. Margaret together with her staff, Board of Advisors and certified leaders will bring this vision to full fruition, establishing a longstanding and credible company that will truly make a healthy difference in people’s lives.


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Morrie Zaitlin, BA      Manager IT & Media, COO

Morrie manages print and digital media production and distribution as well as office administration for CFES in Summerland, BC. Morrie is a former journalist, daily newspaper managing editor and publisher, community affairs television talk show host, corporate media relations officer and speech writer. Morrie is a recreational skier, works out three days a week in the weight room and on the eliptical and has been practicing martial arts for more than 30 years -- with a black belt in karate. He has a BA from McGill University.

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Veronika Glesc      CFES Educator, Fitness Knowledge Home Study Program Tutor/Marker, Owner Inshape Training

Veronika Glesc is a CFES Educator and Home Study tutor/marker and the managing director of Inshape Training. She comes to us with an extensive fitness background, with experience in personal training, sport specific training and nutrition.

Veronika grew up in Coquitlam and throughout grade school, she did face the negative effects of being picked on for her weight and had struggles with low self-esteem. Although it was tough at times, family, good friends, hard work and determination, allowed her to stay strong mentally and keep her competitive edge to become the best person she could be.

In 2009, she graduated from Simon Fraser University and attained her personal training and group fitness certification through Inshape Training. In that same year, she started VICE Fitness, her own independent personal training business, and has been training a variety of clients ever since.

Over the last few years, she used to be a professional wrestler and has also competed in several BCABBA fitness competitions. Along with other activities and hobbies, training at the gym remains at the fore front of her exercise routine. Extra-curricular activities are an important part of her life because she feels they keep the mind and body occupied, but more importantly they are fun and a great way to meet very interesting people along the way. She believes in the “practice what you preach” approach in order to safely and effectively teach others how to reach their potential and allow them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Veronika is very eager and dedicated to provide quality services and courses to all current and new Inshape Training students looking to become certified through CFES.

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Sonja McNabb      Certification Administration Clerk

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