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Welcome to the CFES certified Instructors and Personal Trainers Area!

CFES certified instructors and personal trainers can log in by entering their user name and password in the log in box in the right hand column of this web page.

Once logged in check the navigation box in the right hand column and click on one of the categories to find lots of informative resources for career advancement. To log out go to Account Settings and follow the prompts.

To certify, re-certify, or cross transfer as a CFES certified Instructor, Personal Trainer, Skills Assessment Evaluator or course Educator please click this hotlink to download the CFES certification application form(s) for your designation(s).  Fill in and submit it to CFES by email, fax or mail.

Cross transfer fitness instructor and/or personal trainer certification: CFES examines cross-transfer certifications on a case by case basis based on competency and credentials. To complete cross-transfer certification for candidates with current fitness instructor or personal trainer credentials, you can find the cross-transfer forms package for fitness instructor and personal trainer designation by clicking the hotlink to our web site's Applications and Transfer Forms web page to download. If you are unsure of your equivalency contact the CFES office to discuss. 





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